Are You New To Sabbath?

Introduction: About The Course
About the Course
We set this up as the course we wish we had two years ago when we began keeping Sabbath. We tried to answer the questions we had in the beginning and address the struggles we’ve faced along the way.

It is designed to bring you a wealth of information on Sabbath in one organized location. Each section is an article/video that will take you one step further into understanding Sabbath. The sections build upon each other as they go, so we encourage you to continue through to the end. We hope it brings answers to those who are new to the idea of Sabbath, helps those who are getting started, and refreshes those who have kept Sabbath for years!

How Long Will it Take?
It is designed to go at your own pace. Some people might take weeks, while others take months. After working your way through the course, you can go back through as a review.

Be Prayerful and Let God Lead
We ask that you pray before you begin each section and allow God to show you what He wants to reveal to you. Please read ALL scripture for yourself, considering the full context, background, and how it fits in with the Bible as a whole (some articles will only have a scripture summary, so you will need your Bible with you at all times). The information can get overwhelming and might cause you to consider making some changes in your life, so please take your time and look only to God as your Authority.

The Resources Used
The authors/ministers within this course are from various Sabbath keeping organizations. They each share helpful information about Sabbath. We have included them strictly as a Sabbath resource. We are not promoting any particular Sabbath keeping church, group, or organization. Instead, we encourage you to allow God to lead you in the area of connecting with other Sabbath keepers.

Your Feedback is Priceless!
We have been working very hard to bring you this New To Sabbath course. After completing each section, please drop us a note and let us know what you like and how we can improve the lessons and the website. If it blesses you, please pass it along to someone else!
Chad & Lisa Gleaves

Part 1 - Should I Keep A Sabbath?

Section 1 Sabbath Scripture – Chad & Lisa Gleaves
Section 2 Should Christians Observe The Sabbath – Part 1- By Jim Staley
Section 3Should Christians Observe The Sabbath – Part 2 – By Jim Staley
Section 4 History Of The Sabbath – By David Asscherick
Section 5 The Sabbath – History’s Greatest Hoax – By Doug Bachelor

Part 2 - Isn't Sunday Our New Sabbath?

Section 1 Why People Believe Sabbath Was Changed To Sunday – By Aubrey Duncan
Section 2Sabbath: Why Saturday? Why Not Sunday? – By Terrie Carpenter
Section 3Can I Worship With Believers Who Don’t Keep Sabbath? – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 4 Lies Told About The Sabbath Day – By Aubrey Duncan
Section 5The New Covenant, a Better Promise – By Doug Batchelor

Part 3 - Learning How To Prepare

Section 1Do I Really Need Prior Preparation? – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 2Five Areas Of Preparation – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 3 My Sabbath Preparation Schedule – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 4 Understanding the Four Purposes of Sabbath. – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 5 Resting In God On Sabbath – By Lisa Gleaves
Section 6 Meeting Together With Fellow Believers On Sabbath – By Lisa Gleaves

Part 4 - Challenges And How To Deal With Them

Section1 What Is The Point Of Keeping Sabbath? – By Lisa Gleaves
Section2 How To Answer Family, Friends And Other Church Members – By Lisa Gleaves
Section3Don’t Give Up! – By Terrie Carpenter
Section4 The Encouragement That Sabbath Brings! – Lisa Gleaves
Section5 Sabbath Activities Sheet – By Lisa Gleaves