About Chad Gleaves

Chad Gleaves Family We are Chad and Lisa Gleaves and have been long time Southern Baptist. We both served on church staff for over 10 years. Over those years, the bible began taking us in a different direction than our church. It was hard because we had the best Pastor in the world and our best friends were church members or staff members at the church. Amazing people that we love to this day. With torn hearts we began obeying God’s laws in the Old Testament. We began viewing the Old Testament as something more than just a book of morality and stories. We began to believe all the word of God and following the Old and the New Testaments with verses like Duet 13 and Duet 28 in mind. Each Sunday, it became harder and harder to stay in our church.

I began to pray that God would give us a fellowship that believed like us. God said no. I was confused. Over the next 4 years, God used the staff members at our church, Doug, Trey, Harry, and Tim to teach me what it means to love others even when I have biblical differences. It was hard to remove my anger at the church. I felt they should see the bible just like me. With much love, each staff member showed me how to love others despite biblical differences. They didn’t agree with my view but they still loved me and my family anyways.

In March of 2014, as I pulled up to my church, God whispered to my heart “Come Out Of Her”. Within the month I resigned from the church. The church sent me out with much love and I often visit the staff maintaining the friendships there. Immediately after leaving, I began preaching the word using online media. My heart and passion is to see people follow the Old and New Testament commands and to have a relationship with Yeshua.
Recently Yahovah has put it on my heart to start a “Daily ProLife News” podcast. To my surprise, the controversy gives me almost daily opportunities to share my faith and beliefs with ProChoice people. You can find the podcast on iTunes here

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– Chad and Lisa Gleaves